ARE YOU READY FOR 2016?     

I am once again running for the Presidency in 2016.  As usual, the Feds will no doubt block my campaign by refusing to allow my name on the ballot, and the twin-headed Superparty, the Demolicans, will attempt to make us believe there's a choice apart from Chief Jack. It will be up to the American public to take the lead if they really want a change by demanding their right to obtain and fill out a handwritten ballot and write in Chief Jack For President. Many people have done that over the last three presidential elections. You can help out by signing the online petition to get The Chief's name on the official ballot HERE.

The Native American Party does not only mean that I am of that descent (a member of the Mohawk tribe), it mainly looks to protect the rights and status of ALL citizens of this country, whether they were born here or are naturalized legal residents.  Unfortunately, in the last several decades, this country has been undermined by residents who came here illegally and are trying to make us a carbon copy of their native land. In that same vein, the Obama administration has demonstrated a severe lack of backbone and a too laid-back attitude on many fronts, including the use of those poor school children who lost their lives last year as a political weapon to try to take our guns away from us, as well as covering up what really happened in Benghazi. Is that the type of leadership you really wanted? Are you sorry now that you re-elected the Big O? Well, 2016 is your chance to correct that mistake by voting Chief Jack For President.

Government as we know it no longer works, as has been proven by the Obama administration, which is actually siding with illegal immigrants and is preventing, make that forbidding, states from enforcing the laws that would treat illegals for what they are: lawbreakers. Right now, the Feds are after Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio because he's been "profiling" Mexicans as he searches for illegal immigrants. If he's trying to put a stop in the illegal immigrant activities, and most illegal immigrants in the Southwest come from Mexico, he has no reason to stop black, Asians, or other people except Mexicans (or Hispanic-looking people per se). If you're out hunting bears, you don't take shots at rabbits. He's getting the job done, leave him alone!

There are other important points regarding finances and jobs that we will go over as you examine this site. The Native American Party's stance on what is needed to restore this country to its former glory will either make you stand up and cheer or make you hate us.  Either way, if it moves you to action, then our job was done.

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