THIS is our flag!

           This is America, but our identity is rapidly being spirited away. Here's how to change that.                   

                                         This is my original nation's flag, the flag of the Mohawk Nation.

America was once a wide open land populated by what has come to be called "Indian tribes" by the white man.  Over the years, the European colonists pushed further to the West and either swindled the Natives out of their lands or forced them out.  Overall the Indians were not pleased with this, but we were more or less forced to capitulate due to greater numbers of the enemy and the superiority of their weapons.  Now, Americans are facing this threat for themselves, and like 200-plus years of history the Natives have suffered through, the threat comes from an invader.

The threat comes, as in the past, from people who have come to impose their cultures over ours.  There are those among you who would say that's racist, but it's not.  Whereas some folks don't want ANY foreigners to be here, I am wholly in favor of LEGAL immigration to America.  That's the key word---legal.  Those who come here from other countries and genuinely want to become Americans legally I have no problems with.

There is, however, a great number of people who have come here illegally by sneaking across our borders and settling in a number of cities, in some places so brazenly that these cities are little more than parts of the aliens' original countries. To make it worse, these same people have no desire to learn our language or customs, and like idiots, we are letting them get away with it. We see every day cases where an individual who is convicted of a crime turns out to be an illegal alien who was deported multiple times. Truly, we need that wall.  In many parts of the Southeast, Southwest, and Northeastern U.S., it's gotten to a point where companies won't hire you if you don't speak Spanish.   That should not be allowed.  You're telling me that unless I speak their language, I can't get a job?  Now, THAT is racist.  Why should we give up who we are and our language and customs to accommodate invaders?

This is not the United States of Mexico (the official name for Mexico, by the way), the U.S. of Vietnam, or any other nation.  This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and our language is English.  Learn it or stay out.  I propose that no one be allowed to move to America, or hold a job here, unless they can speak English.  The precedent is there in other countries, for instance Germany, where you cannot apply for permanent residency unless you speak German.  To further help immigrants adapt, I also propose that all media commercials on radio and TV, and ads in newspapers (even foreign language ones), must be in English only.  Product labels must also be in English only.  This will save companies tons of money by not having to do several versions of ads and labels in other languages.  People here legally from other countries will have one year to learn English or forfeit their right to live here. You should not even be allowed to work here unless you can speak English. There is nothing wrong with knowing another language (I speak French and have studied Spanish in school)' but if it comes at the expense of our own country's, then that is wrong. How often have we seen an interview with an athlete on TV and he can't even answer in English because he has NO knowledge of our language? This is highly disrespectful of the country that's giving you your living. Professional athletes will not be allowed to play on American teams unless they can speak English, and you will be unable to get a driver's license unless you can speak and read English. A fine example of this in action is professional wrestler Kenny Omega, who currently makes his living in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese.

We must also devise a way to keep illegals from sneaking in.  Lately immigrants from a number of countries have been sneaking into America through Mexico, including Asians and some Europeans.  My solution is to recall our troops from the illegal wars in the Middle East and reassign them to patrol our southern border until we can complete a 30-foot high wall, manned by armed guards, between the U.S. and Mexico.  After the wall is finished, the military will sweep our cities for illegals and escort them across the border or put them on flights back home.  Too many places in America have become "sanctuary cities" where the illegals live with little fear of being caught.  In places like California's Santa Ana, if we swept the town for illegals, its population would probably dwindle by at least a third.  Also, captured illegals would get fingerprinted and their prints put in a database for comparison of people trying to re-enter the country because they would be barred from even applying for legal residency for 10 years after they get deported.

Unfortunately, our own government is part of the problem with illegal immigrants, as we have seen over the past few years or so as states like Arizona and Georgia are being sued by the liberal-leaning entities for trying to enforce laws that would deny residence, employment, driver's licenses, and education for these outlaws and their children..  Another point: children of illegals should NOT be allowed to use our schools.  True, they are not directly responsible for being here in many cases, but let's use a parallel from the criminal world.  If a victim is shot and killed during the commission of a robbery, the person driving the getaway car is just as guilty as the shooter himself for the death.  Using that example, so-called "anchor babies" should have no rights to any of the services which are for legal citizens only, and they need to be expelled with their parents from our country and not be allowed to apply for U.S. residential visas for the next 10 years.

Oh yeah, another thing.  Lawyers who want to "defend" these illegals in court will be deported along with the illegals and have their citizenship revoked.  That alone will free our judicial system from a huge backlog of "cases".

If you can speak English, then you are more than welcome to apply for citizenship or permanent residence in the U.S.  I will still welcome any immigrants willing to go through legal channels, otherwise the door will be closed to you.                                                                                                                    

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