Is that a trick question?  No, because the current political engine in America is mortally afraid of someone who is willing to change the way the country is run.  In my first run in 2000, which I did mostly as a joke, I got thousands of votes when people in Florida, mostly senior citizens, saw me as a breath of fresh air and cast write-in votes for me.  These votes were "confiscated" and recast by members of the Bush administration for Bush, which led to the controversial "recount scandal" in Florida.

That experience showed me that the American political machine is still corrupt and not above anything.  In 2004, I ran again, but Bush was ready for me.  My name was forbidden to be on the official ballot, even in locations like Philadelphia, where fans of my radio show ran signature campaigns to get me on the ballot.  Government agencies hacked into my Web site and eventually forced the division of Microsoft that was hosting it out of business. A large amount of voting machines were actually "pre-loaded" with Bush votes in Philadelphia and other major cities. Some radio stations who asked me on as a guest speaker actually had their license revoked by the FCC before I could appear.

This made me more cautious for the 2008 race, and I didn't run a Web site that year, using only my Internet radio show as a campaign platform, a move that netted me over 300,000 votes, a fact the Feds still deny to this day.  Now, in 2012, my show has been forced off the air because of financial troubles created by a team of the Feds and my other enemy, so I had to depend on this site to spread the word, in addition to using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and was rewarded with just a bit over 400,000 votes---not enough for a victory but enough to point out that there is a growing number of people who have had it with the current system. There is also an online petition at this LINK.. In 2012, I got over 400,000 votes. while this number is large, it barely made a dent in the count and was easily overlooked by the two-party oriented mass media. Let's correct that in 2016.

As in the past, my name will not be allowed on the official ballot, so it will be up to people who are sick and tired of seeing their country collapse to go to the polls in 2016 and demand THEIR RIGHT to a handwritten ballot to cast a write-in vote for Chief Jack of the Native American Party for president.  This is the same method used in the past by others who were fed up with our government to vote for such candidates as Mickey Mouse and William Shakespeare.  This time, though, let's make it mean something.  If you no longer trust your government to do the right thing for you, use the power granted to you by law and vote Chief Jack For President! 

By the way, I'd also like to point out that there are currently too many people working in government.  I propose that each state have only three Senators and three House members, which will force them to actually work hard enough to prevent their wasting time getting funding for pork projects, and when a vote comes up, they can't abstain from voting.  With three votes per state, there will have to be a winning vote cast every time.  Also, if a Senator or representative doesn't work one day, he will not be paid for that day.  The other Senators and House members who will be getting fired can do like us and join the ranks of the unemployed so they can experience what that's like.  I intend to cancel government-paid vehicles and gas cards for members of Congress and state governments.  With their present salaries, they can afford their own cars and gas, and if they can't, then how do they expect you to?

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