Obamacare is a joke---we already know that and I have no intention of joining it. Recently I saw ads for a new service in California that promised really affordable health care/medical insurance. Called Covered California, I found out when I logged on that their plan was indeed affordable. My little girl and I (wife is already covered by Medi-Cal) would pay only $23 a month after they covered the balance of the over $700 a month fee. $700 a month is affordable? Hell no, but $23 is, so I gave them my info and was told I would be contacted by one of their agents.

That was over a month ago, and have yet to hear from them. Meanwhile, the news are rife with complaints from many others who share this problem of "non contact" and when they try to call the service, they get shunted to a "dead" line with no one to help them. It's obvious that the Big O doesn't want outside companies to help provide really affordable medical coverage so that people will be forced to settle for HIS system and nothing else.

Anyone in other states running into California's problem? Let me know.