Government as we know it no longer works.  I've been saying that ever since the late 1990s, and judging by the actions of the Obama administration, things are getting worse.  But you can change that by voting Chief Jack For President in 2012.  It's going to be a bit harder than your usual voting because the Feds don't want me on the ballot because my ideas would upset the status quo and shake the very foundations of our government.  Since I'm not allowed on the ballot, it means that you'll have to exercise a right that many people don't even know exists.  By law, if you don't like any of the candidates, it is your right to demand that you be given a special write-in ballot so you can vote for the person you prefer over the "legit" candidates.  Many people have done that over the last three elections, and in the 2008 campaign, polls conducted by my agents estimate that over 300,000 people wrote in Chief Jack on a handwritten ballot.  That's not enough to win an election, but if you spread the word around the country, we can still win this campaign with write in votes.