The last month or so has been dominated in the media by the Republican battle to name their candidate. It has been a prolonged and messy attempt not really worth the effort of acknowledging it. This worthless circus can best be equated to choosing the way you are to be killed if you committed a crime. Whether you choose lethal injection, a firing squad, or electrocution, the end result will be the same---you'll be dead. Likewise, it doesn't matter which Republican (or Democrat for that matter) wins. If someone from either of those parties wins, it will be the same as before: too much power controlled by self-serving idiots who would let Atilla the Hun move in if they can make a buck on it. If you vote me in, I won't be indebted to any rich company, no oil barons, no influencial actors for my election---only YOU who voted me in and can expect the results you were promised.