What are my qualifications for the Presidency, you may ask.  Fair enough.  I have little political experience, which I consider a plus because I'm not connected to any entities who I owe favors to.  I have been in auto and retail management for several decades.  As a chief, I have had some dealings in tribal matters.  Overall, I have lived life near the bottom of the heap, and I know firsthand what the problems are that the poor have to battle with every day.  Your average career politician has NO idea what we go through every day.  He doesn't know what it's like to scratch and claw for everything, wondering what we'll have to do without in order to feed our families.  This country needs someone in our position to run it, someone who wasn't born with a silver (or gold) spoon in their mouth, someone with everyday experience in real life and not the life of the rich and famous.  Isn't it about time we had a leader who really understands the needs of the lower income people in this country?  A vote for Chief Jack is a vote for the real people.  Let's change this country in 2012.  Vote Chief Jack for President.