This week, the story about the legality of President Obama's "birth certificate" resurfaced as people associated with a prominent Arizona law enforcement officer pointed out major differences between the "long" (official) version of it and the "short form" version that he released to the press to prove its "legality". Until the story is proven one way or the other, I won't comment on it further, but for the record, I know someone who was issued a "birth certificate" to cover up who he really is.  This was done by a very wealthy man who didn't want the person's real identity to be known.  Ironically, this person is a native-born American, but the "birth certificate" shows him as coming from another country.  Needless to say this has caused great mental anguish to this person when he found out who he really was, and the courts refused to hear the case by way of large payments from the rich man.