We now have two debates under our belt, yet there's something missing. The Denolicans are fostering this idea that no one else is running. Tonight (Oct. 9, 2016), I kept a running feed on my Facebook page to make my comments as it was going on, and after the debate I got several messages about commenting on what happened, yet I wasn't allowed to post there. I got the same message on all the network feeds that "the discussion was closed (within a minute of going live) and I couldn't post, yet people's comments kept on appearing after I tried to post.

Clearly this shows the networks have been warned NOT to post any comments from me because the Demolican candidates don't want to admit I'm still here, especially Trump, who stole his entire campaign off my website, right down to my "Let's make America great again" slogan. They say there ARE NO 3rd party nominees, but there are a few others, and they haven't been allowed on the debates either. This isn't right.