Well, after two debates, we have little new stuff to chew over with the two candidates. Do we know how they feel about fracking, for instance? How do we know for sure how they'll handle the illegal immigration issue, and how fast? The debates have devolved into a "nyah,nyah" gindergarten yard hissy fit, with The Habitual Liar harping on Trump's tax record and Trump droning on about Hillary's 33,000 deleted emails.

What CAN be garnered from this is that Trump knows how to manipulate the tax laws and Hillary is a pathological liar and criminal who's one step out of jail but stays on the campaign trail because she's adept at eliminating the competition, a la Vince McMahon. This may well be the only election ever that hinges on two minor "non-events". As concerned voters we deserve better than that. We deserve Chief Jack For President, the architect of this election.