If you're following me on Facebook, you've heard me using the term Demolican a few times, and I need to clarify this. Here it is.

We do NOT have two parties in the United States. They secretly combined their forces some years ago. We now have one Superparty with two subdivisions called Democrats and Republican in order to lead you to believe we have a choice in voting. Both those subdivisions are under the same leadership, which is why NOTHING has changed no matter who gets "voted in"---the same crap keeps piling up because there is NO CHANCE for change until an "outsider" wins the election, someone who isn't "buddy-buddy" with "the System"

While it looked like Trump might be that guy because he's using my campaign instead of one of his own, he's chosen to align himself with the Republican side of the Demolican platform. I am the only logical choice to take this country in a new direction. Trump's only salvation is to win the election and then renounce his Demolican ties.