Let's get a few facts out of the way. I'm a regular guy--I'm not rich, and I can't spend a bundle on advertising.  You won't see any TV, radio, or newspaper ads about me or my campaign, but that's my point.  Why should only the filthy rich be allowed to run for President?  What do they know about how we live and struggle every day just to survive?  I'm in a relatively low-paying job, I barely get my rent paid each month, it's a wow day if I have extra money once a month to take my family to dinner, and I drive a 28-year old car with some features that don't work and I can't afford to fix.  Again, what do the rich know about living like that?  Nothing!  A vote for Chief Jack is a vote for the regular guy who knows how hard it is to earn a living in this country when you're near the bottom of the ladder.  I've been there and I know how to cure that.