This page looks a bit different on purpose. The red font will draw attention to this text by design because we need to discuss this. The above picture is a familiar sight these days. Muslim radicals are looking to take over the entire world and only their outlook is valid to them. Many of us will recall when a mustachioed self-styled leader took that ideal to the extreme in the last century.

Today we have "believers" who try to force their ways on us, and they are using our own technology against us. They are obviously a violent minority, but as such they are harder to pin down, hiding in plain sight because they look like a million others. Overall, this is called "the war on terrorism" and we are losing the war because we are "too moral" to fight the way we have to.

First off, they have weapons because we fund them. How do we do this? We pay for oil---through the nose. This refers back to my argument about an organization of oil consuming countries to offset OPEC. Basically, the money we pay for oil helps finance the terrorists, so we must control that by regulating how much we pay for oil. Most of OPEC has oil and sand, but little else. We helped build the Middle East into what it is today, and created our own enemies in the process. You can't eat sand or drink oil---not enough calories to sustain life, so if we tell OPEC "this is how much we'll pay for your oil. Take it or leave it." They'll have to take it or die. Problem solved.

The actual physical fight has to be approached differently. The recent events in Paris have re-enforced this.At least six coordinated attacks by ISIS have leftover 120 people dead and over 300 wounded---innocent people who had no idea they would become war victims when no war was officially declared. ISIS has no qualms about taking innocent lives because they know we won't do the same. It's time to rethink that. When some of our innocent citizens get killed senselessly like this, we must strike back in a similar manner. These people have no respect for life and understand only violence, so we must treat them the same way. It's time to treat terrorists in a manner they understand--the old eye-for-an-eye routine. It would further cement the idea that we are the wrong enemy to tangle with and should be left alone. Perhaps we need a trained, elite force to strike back at whatever nation these people are from. If these people realize that their citizens are going to be treated like ours are, I think there will be added pressure on their governments to curb terrorists for their own survival and the world will be a more quiet, peaceful place. Let's not be afraid to fight for peace.

In 2018, we have a different problem. The liberal/Democratic faction has enlisted the aid of around 7,000 people who are traveling from Honduras to the Mexican border with America to crash the border and invade us. It has already been established that foreign terrorists and armed criminals are among this "caeavan" and the inefficient Mexican government, after a few skirmishes with these invaders, hse supplied them with buses to facilitate their trip. Mr. T has vowed to dispatch some 15,000 American troops to the Mexican border to stop them, but the final outcome, as of October 30, 2018, is not yet in sight.

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