There are things that are just plain wrong in this country.  Some are very serious, and some seem a bit frivolous.

Why can't people get a job if they don't speak Spanish?  This is not Spain or Mexico.

Trump stole practically his entire campaign off my site. I was the first to call for building a wall at the Mexican border (2004).What was different is that I want towers and armed guards at the border. Trump recently negoctated on this by saying he will send troops to the border to confront a "caravan" of  invaders from Honduras who are seeking to invade America via Mexico.

I was the first to call for people not willing to learn English to be denied access to relocate in America . This includes sports teams hiring athletes who don't speak English.

Why are people allowed to come to America in order to birth children who then are assigned American citizenship? Those children should be deported, along with their parents, back to their country of origin. Again, Trump recently agreed to change that (wonder where he got THAT idea?)

Why do we spend tons of money to learn about the mating habits of worms or how rats respond to cocaine?

Why do political candidates spend millions of dollars to win a job that pays way below that?  I intend to win and find out, without spending a fortune in your money or mine.

Why are our soldiers trying to take over foreign countries when we need them HERE to defend the USA?

Why do we use Daylight Savings Time? Arizona and other places get along quite well without it.  The rest of us can too.

Why is gasoline priced at $X.XX and 9/10 cents a gallon?  We need to round off gas prices to the nearest penny---let's say X dollars and XX cents and drop the 9/10 cent.  Where else do you buy something for 9/10 of a cent?  OK, the 99 Cents Only store (99.9 cents) for an item.

Why is cable TV so expensive?  We need to let several different companies service each area.  Competition breeds lower prices.

Let's make American cars in America again.  Some so-called American cars are now made in Mexico, Germany, and Canada. Aren't Mexican cars helping to finance the enemy?

Most "American" brands of electronics, such as RCA, Magnavox, Emerson, and General Electric, are NOT made in America.

Many Japanese products are now made in China.  Who died and made China boss?  If China's economy were to collapse tomorrow, the world would sink with it.

If an athlete can't speak English, then he can't play for any team in the USA.  If you want our money, then do us the courtesy of learning our language.  Be polite and respectful to us.

Almost the only thing California sees live on TV is sports.  TV shows like American Idol and such  that ask for your vote should be aired at exactly the same time all over the country, not 3 hours later for California.  By that time, most of the country has already voted anyway.

Speaking of votes, of what use is the Electoral College anyway?  Political voting should be based on the popular vote only, not the whims and wishes of a bunch of politically or financially motivated partial knuckleheads. The Electoral College was responsible for my votes going to Bush in 2000 and 2004.

Why is it apparently illegal to celebrate Christmas any more?  We can't say "Merry Christmas" and have to decorate a "holiday tree" because saying Christmas might offend some people.  Well, I'll tell you what.  People who know me know that I don't believe in God, but Christmas is one of those holidays that's very important in our culture, and if Christmas offends you, here's the door---don't let it hit you on the way out!  This nation was founded on Christian principles, not Islamic or Jewish, or whatever you may personally believe.  I don't care if your beliefs say you have to cover yourself in 10W-40 motor oil and lock yourself in a sauna until you achieve spontaneous human combustion.  Here in America we believe in Christmas and we'll keep on saying "Merry Christmas".

Speaking of gas, ever notice that when the price of gas goes up, diesel goes up above the price of gas, yet when the price of gas goes down, diesel usually sells for as much as 20 cents less than gas? That's because when gas goes up, a lot of people switch to diesel-powered vehicles, which don't need to fuel up as often. That's just wrong.

Why, if the Big O wants you to have "affordable health care" and you try to access the site with California's best prices/rates, you can't access it, and when you try to call them, your call gets cut off?

We'll keep adding stuff here as we think of it.

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